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A bumper Sticker!

It brought forth an Anthem. An orchestra of emotions ranging from Rage to Pride to Joy to Determination. So I decided To Blog.

Those of you close to me know that I am safely ensconced into The Working Class. I love what I do. I'm great at it. And I'm consumed by it.

For those who've wondered where I went... Nowhere. Just redirected. I chose a different course by which to steer my talents. I work hard. I'm happy.

But I still love to watch. To read. To learn. To observe and comprehend. To instigate and to influence. To reflect.

I saw a bumper sticker today...

The interesting thing about this bumper sticker is that it was placed right over where it's identical twin had previously resided. A place of honor on the back of an American vehicle that drove around a hard working husband and father of five. Two of whom are handicapped. A hard working American Father and Family man. A Working-Class White Man.

Apparently this bumper sticker so offended some bottom-dwelling, goose-stepping, fascist-enabling, race-baiting, backwards-ass 23%'er that couldn't stand the idea of some inspiring, confident, brilliant, scary black man In Charge. So offended that he was unable to contain his rage and decided to bash in the original bumper sticker and everything it represented of his own weaknesses and blind hate.

Two hours later, the new bumper sticker proudly replaced the old one on top of the banged-in yet wholly intact and undeterred spirit of the original sticker's bigger meaning.

Why did this inspire me? I'll let a Neo-Neocon--a scared and compromised little mann--pretending to be a True American and Passionate Progressive--break it all down for me.

So I wrote an Anthem. To remind myself. To Remember who We are. Who I am.

We are The Party of The People.

are Pro-America.

We are the Pro-Constitution, Pro-Democracy, Pro-Education, Pro-Science, Pro-Independence, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Equality, Pro-Job, Pro-Family, Pro-Health, Pro-Active Party of PROtectors.

We are Democrats.

We are NOT Megacorps. Oligarchs. Barons. Moguls. Tycoons. Tyrants or Terrorists. That is THEM! They.

We are Democrats.

We are Proud, Loud, Liberal, Secular, Lefty PROGRESSives and We ARE The Majority!

We ARE Race. We ARE Veterans. We ARE Labor. We ARE Education. We ARE Peace.

We are Art... We Are Reason. We are Logic. We are Science. We are Reality.

We ARE Government. We DO Government. It IS us! We Govern Our Selves. We Determine Ourselves. We Rule Ourselves. We Respect Ourselves. Our Neighbors. Our Communities. Our Families. We even respect Our Enemies.

We Fight.

We Fight for Justice. We Fight for Progress. We Fight for Fairness. We Fight for Our Children. For Our Planet. Our Principles.

Fight for Freedom. We Fight for Democracy.

We are Democrats.

We Pray. We Hope. We Believe!

We Believe IN Hope!

For We Are Democrats.

We Live Life.

We Rejoice!

We will WIN the Battle for America. For we are Right.

We WILL Win!

Why? Because we fight for what we believe in. And WE ARE what We fight FOR.

We are Democrats! Therefore We ARE... American!

And I believe in Democracy.

That's all I have to say for a little while.

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A Pox on all of your houses

Happy Easter to everyone else.

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From Hunter at The Daily Kos

Sun Jan 27, 2008 at 10:00:00 AM PST

In the year 2000, a devastating blow was dealt to conservative ideology. They were at long last given simultaneous control of all parts of government, and a chance to implement their philosophies.

The outcome proved, of course, to be a fiasco of monumental proportions. From budget surpluses to record deficits; unchecked pork; a tide of corruption, both moral and legal, that thinned their ranks like smallpox; mismanagement of even basic government tasks, such as emergency response capabilities; a national economy constantly teetering between mere sluggishness and outright recession; the entrance into a quagmire of a war, one with unclear initial purpose and even less clear strategies for exit. And those are just the highlights.

It would be enough to drive even the most sane person to despair; in fact, the more sane you are, the more likely you are to feel despair over any of these things. With the agonizing lack of grace of a faceplanting pole vaulter, and in every realm -- economics, oversight, foreign policy, etc. -- conservatism unleashed into the real world met, once again, with abject and humiliating failure. It seems there is no aspect of government that conservatism is actually good at, once the adherents are given any more responsibilities than being the besuited blowhards of Washington cocktail parties.

I thought it might be appropriate, at this point, to go over the five conservative stages of grief. They are taken directly from Kubler-Ross, and so are solidly backed by the best psychological modeling. In their moments of understandable despair over actually having finally been given the unfair and dastardly opportunity to put their signing pens where their mouths have been, as opposed the previous years of merely erupting, geyserlike, on Fox News every evening about what they could do if they were in charge, it is expected that most conservatives will at this point go through at least some of these stages of grief. Since we are not ogres, here, we will simply wish them well and pray for their speedy recovery.

Stage 1: John McCain. In the McCain stage of grief, a conservative is mentally aware of their surroundings but unable to emotionally process the information. The result is a mental short-circuit. Sufferers are especially prone to thinking that the Iraq War is going spectacularly well; they may even wander open-air marketplaces in which they are protected by a hundred or more fully armed United States soldiers, with helicopter gunship support, and remark aloud at how normal and stable and safe their location obviously is. Denial may also exist over the state of the economy, of their own party, or, especially, their own past actions.

The McCain stage of grief is known to last years or even decades. Fortunately, the sufferer usually loses all concept of time, such that they cannot differentiate between any particular six month period, and will eventually declare them all to be "a hundred years" long.

Stage 2: Rudy Giuliani. The Giuliani stage of grief is marked by constant, seething anger. Individuals may reduce their entire range of emotional responses to one, that of constant, self-righteous rage. The stage is usually accompanied by Napoleonic fantasies, declaring the fearsome breadth of their own inner fury to be the only salvation not just of themselves, but of the entire world in which they live. Every situation, every social interaction, and every problem is met with a frequently irrational and always militant response.

Long-term sufferers of the Giuliani stage may eventually suffer from a permanent bug-eyed expression and the onset of sociopathy. They may sometimes be mistaken for necrophiliacs.

Learn about the final three stages of grief: Romney Stage, Thompson State and ending tragically in the Huckabee Stage...


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This is absolutely classic. What a perfect illustration of republican "values". This is a soon to be released documentary that is sure to cause a national firestorm within the evangelical Christian "family values" crowd. If there are a few of those in your family, this DVD might make the perfect Christmas Gift. :) Enjoy!

You can buy the full, unrated downloadable documentary from their website for just Five Bucks. Perfect College Sinners I'm saving mine for this weekend. If any of you buy it and watch it, give it a review in the comments thread. I'm personally looking forward to seeing a bunch of future George Bush's of the world. Talk about kids being born with a silver spoon up their ass.

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Major hat tip to John Amato for alerting me to this one. I hope he puts it up on C&L soon.

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I found this great video at Rawstory's new video website called Rawstory Replay. It's worth checking out.

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