As per the many requests and Google searches leading to my site for debate videos, here is the compiled playlist broken up into YouTube segments with my favorite John Doolittle composition first:

This is a video playlist with sixteen individual videos. If you're not familiar with YouTube, just click the playreel on the side of the player to advanced to the next video segment.

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Another great ad highlighting the differences between John Doolittle and Charlie Brown.

Only a couple more days to make a real difference and through BlueAmerica, you can still help. has done a great job of highlighting Congressman who promote war using fake patriotic slogans like "support the troops" while intentionally and unconscionably screwing veterans by voting against programs for them. Only a morally bankrupt politician would line his own pockets while denying basic services to our Nation's heroes. Here's their recent ad about John Doolittle:

Charlie still needs your help! Donate to him at the BlueAmerica page!

Hi everyone...

My apologies for my absence. It was unavoidable. I had to wrap up some family stuff and get healthy after catching my first big sinus infection/head cold in well over a decade. (I knew there was a reason I lived in Hawaii so long - No Winters!) I have finally converted my new computer system and I should be able to compile a good video update tonight and then I'll hopefully be able to do one a day until Election Day. Until tonight, I wanted to link you to two very telling articles from the past two days.

During the debate between John Doolittle and Charlie Brown, the cowardly, petulant, draft-dodging John Doolittle had the nerve to tell Charlie Brown, a Vietnam combat veteran rescue pilot who served in two wars during his 26 years in the USAF that people like Charlie and Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan are the reason we lost the war in Vietnam and the reason we're losing in Iraq. He then went on to try and explain his own draft-dodging and talked about how his own belief in Armageddon guides his Middle East policy voting. To Charlie's credit, he hasn't beaten Doolittle over the head about his lack of service and draft-dodging until Doolittle's campaign recently had the nerve to question Charlie's patriotism in a recent press release. Read Charlie's response: ABC News: Calif. Vet Slams GOP Congressional Foe

In my last video broadcast I also told you about the Townhall Meeting I attended with Charlie Brown and former Sen. Max Cleland at the Lincoln Veterans Hall in Lincoln, CA. Here is a letter to the editor from a mother in Lincoln, CA who heard about the event and decided to bring her 18 year old son and 12 year old daughter to hear what Charlie and the Senator had to say. Read her experience with the John Doolittle "supporters" who were standing out front. Lincoln News Messenger : Letters. Absolutely despicable! What morally bankrupt cowards...

I have a lot of work to do for the final week-long push. I will hopefully bring you an interview with campaign staff members and perhaps Charlie himself this week.  In the meantime, I'm going to get to work on my new video update tonight.  Sorry again for the absence.  It will hopefully be my last.

Hi everyone... Just wanted to leave a quick note thanking everyone for the great feedback from my video yesterday. Saturday and Sunday will be largely swallowed up with managing some life stuff but I will hopefully have another broadcast ready to go on Monday night and then I'll shoot for at least one every other day. I hope to be able to do some interviewing of campaign staff and volunteers next week and maybe even Charlie Brown himself the week after.

I want to also throw some big thanks out to the people who have really helped me get going here.

John... I couldn't have wished for a better work system. I truly appreciate it and I'll make sure I'm worthy of it.

egregeous... Thanks again for helping me get by out here. Your timing is perfect as I was fixing to hit a bit of a brick wall on some resources.

Many others who deserve direct thanks but I'm on my way home at 5am again.

(Leave me comments and let me know if you want more updates)

Doolittle Exposed Video - This is a montage I featured below compiled exclusively from the single debate between John Doolittle and Charlie Brown. If you could call it a debate. Watching the entire thing was a traumatic exprerience for me. Mostly because I couldn't envision anyone ever believing that John Doolittle was worthy of representing them to their government. Please leave a comment and a rating on YouTube to get it more play.

And the winner is... Charlie Brown wins the BlueAmerica "Have You Had Enough" "Adopt-a-district" contest on The BlueAmericaPAC is buying a $5000 radio air time buy for the great "Have You Had Enough" musical ad found two posts beneath this one on the main page.

Justice Department Probe Targets John Doolittle - might need registration. If so, just google news search for it and you'll get hits from Washington Post to local coverage.

More soon but it's now 5am.

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This is a new ad highlighting John Doolittle's status as one of, if not The Most - corrupt member of Congress.

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Allow me to introduce everyone to Congressman John Doolittle, 8-term Congressman from the CA-04th District. A shining example of Republican sleeze. For those Republicans visiting my site who don't like Doolittle, please don't get me wrong. I'm not someone who hates on Republicans generally (although lately I've been thinking of it as some sort of character flaw). Once upon a time I used to call myself a Republican. Then I joined the military, owned a business, paid taxes and expanded my mental capacities to include critical thinking.

Before my next post, I wanted to take a minute and introduce everyone to John Doolittle as I see him and for what he's really about. This video put together by a loyal Charlie Brown fan is a great montage of John Doolittle's character compiled exclusively from video clips of the Brown/Doolittle Debate this past Wednesday.

I suppose when you have NO substance and NOTHING whatsoever worth listening to, it's best just to fall back on typical right-wing hate and fear mongering. Pay particular attention to his views on "Armageddon" and his work to help it along.

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Wow! What a day... First thing I'm going to do is get two videos posted for everyone who may be following a link to this blog from FireDogLake or Crooks & Liars. For those of you who don't know, Charlie Brown won the BlueAmerica adopt-a-district contest on FDL this morning. As a result, $5,000 from the BlueAmericaPAC fundraising project is going to be spent on new radio ads in this district, the CA-04th to feature the great spot, "Have You Had Enough?" below.

I'm going to launch a series of posts starting tonight to catch everyone up on this race out here including video coverage of the debate held between Charlie Brown and John Doolittle on Wednesday. Here is a little sample of the local news wrap up about the debate. I can tell you it was a sight to see. In the history of rotten politicians, John Doolittle ranks towards the top...

More very, very soon...


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As per the many requests and Google searches leading to my site for debate videos, here is the compiled playlist broken up into YouTube segments with my favorite John Doolittle composition first:

This is a video playlist with sixteen individual videos. If you're not familiar with YouTube, just click the playreel on the side of the player to advanced to the next video segment.

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Hi All,

Sorry for the absence. It's been utter insanity trying to roll with this move and get fully into swing here in CA. I am nearly there and I'll be posting an excellent post tonight about a Town Hall forum for Veterans Charlie Brown held this weekend with Max Cleland there to speak with him. It was awesome and both Charlie and Max are the kind of heroes all good men strive to be. I'll tell you all about it and add some great Audio/Visual if my computer system (which FedEx just so kindly delivered) are still working and I'm able to convert them fast enough.

Talk to everyone later tonight and give y'all the full scoop.

Just a quick update for everyone. I have safely arrived in California's 4th District and I'm blogging from a remote terminal. My system arrives tomorrow so I can get back to all my personal blogging and web tools. I'm going to go meet all the staff and volunteers down at Charlie Brown's campaign office tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

President Bush was in town yesterday stumping for John Doolittle. $2,000 per plate fundraiser to an exclusive list of wealthy donors hosted at a members' only golf resort. By contrast, Charlie Brown had the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, (is it just me or is that the coolest job title ever?), Gen. Wesley Clark in town yesterday campaigning for him. It was an open campaign fundraiser where they requested a minimum of $20 however no one was turned away if they didn't have that money. Hot dogs and snacks were provided!

Which fundraising method would you call honorable?


I'm going dark for a few days while I move my life back to the mainland. Hopefully I'll be fully back online and ready to blog by Wednesday night. Lots to talk about once I'm back online. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this oh-so-fitting picture.

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