There's a great new video out on Net Neutrality...

"It is true that video streaming is becoming more common over the Internet, and true as well that cheap storage of streamed video is making it possible for many young television viewers to engage in what the industry calls "time shifting" and personalize their television watching habits. Moreover, as higher bandwidth connections continue to replace smaller information pipelines, the Internet's capacity for carrying television will continue to dramatically improve. But in spite of these developments, it is television delivered over cable and satellite that will continue for the remainder of this decade and probably the next to be the dominant medium of communication in America's democracy. And so long as that is the case, I truly believe that America's democracy is at grave risk.

The final point I want to make is this: We must ensure that the Internet remains open and accessible to all citizens without any limitation on the ability of individuals to choose the content they wish regardless of the Internet service provider they use to connect to the Worldwide Web. We cannot take this future for granted. We must be prepared to fight for it because some of the same forces of corporate consolidation and control that have distorted the television marketplace have an interest in controlling the Internet marketplace as well. Far too much is at stake to ever allow that to happen.We must ensure by all means possible that this medium of democracy's future develops in the mold of the open and free marketplace of ideas that our Founders knew was essential to the health and survival of freedom.

Closing remarks of a truly great speech given last year by Al Gore

Read the Full Transcript of that speech.


Today is for remembering...


As you can tell from my site, I'm a big fan of Flash 8 Web Video Format. It's revolutionizing the world of what I call Distributed Mass Media. Forget the technology behind it, forget the fact that its fantastic quality hi-resolution web video feed. The fact that you can easily convert any video format to Flash 8, upload it and stream it in a matter of minutes makes it viral.

For those of you who have looked at me like I'm on crack when I try to explain why Flash 8 Video is leading the way into a world where anyone can be their own "TV" network. Whether they be, or some broke blogger in Hawaii.

Amazon's Fishbowl with Bill Maher


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This ad ran two nights ago on MSNBC hyping the next days Hardball.

I'm a marketing specialist by trade so let me break this one down for you. This was essentially a teaser for a one-hour commercial for the GOP. From start to finish the ad was graphically designed and scripted to support the GOP's message. Let's start with the leading question...

"The war in Iraq, Immigration, Gay Marriage... In this mid-term election, which issues will be crucial to the GOP when they fight keep control of Congress?" While asking that the graphical text runs Iraq War footage draped in American Flag/Anthem colors and graphics, then a picture of an illegal alien climbing over a barbed-wire fence and finally a picture of a black minister marrying a gay couple. Then we get treated to an "Inside Look" at the GOP's plan to "Stay On Top". Not hard-hitting news to determine if they deserve it mind you... Just what their plan is to do it. (I'm guessing Diebold)

Then it fades out to a Star-Studded image of Congress with all the bells and whistles. Chris Matthews' brother, Jim Matthews is currently running as the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. Anyone who thinks he's impartially relaying the current "Political Scene" to them is a fool. Chris Matthews is a tool. If you don't think so, have a look at the latest post about him at Crooks & Liars.

I sometimes wonder why Jane and the gang over at FireDogLake are always criticizing Chris Matthews, Norah O'Donnell and Tim Russert as journalists. Don't they get that they're NOT journalists. They're nothing more than High-Profile Lobbyists for General Electric Corporation, the parent company of MSNBC and a company that has literally made BILLIONS under the Bush Regime and stands to lose (read that 'not make') Tens of Billions if the Democrats take over the house and exert some much needed fiscal discipline on our Government.


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A while back I saw this video on Current.TV and thinking that the implications of it are pretty scary

That was a month or two ago and then a friend sent me a link to This Chilling Video and it got me pissed off. What you're about to see is a peaceful protest being broken up by Nazi Cops and the video is from THEIR cameras and their footage of the event.

What the fuck is happening to our Democracy?



The awesome gang over at FireDogLake has launched a terrific netroots program and are working in cooperation with several other blogs including The DailyKos. One of the first actions was delivering a copy of Crashing The Gate to each Democratic member of Congress. Here's the video.

Definitely worth a watch.


Looks like there's a great new movie coming out right on the heels of "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Looks fascinating and another medium for getting The Truth out to the under-informed. Here's a starting site they've got set up for it.


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If you haven't already read it, please go read Mike's guest post today on Crooks & Liars.

Mike Farrell on Crooks and Liars


I found this great entry over at DailyKos. It's designed to counter some of the worst of the GOP's hollow talking points. As we all know, wingnuts are masters of speaking without actually saying anything. Here's how we can start nailing them down and force them to defend what we know to be weak, hollow, straw-man arguments full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. And then we can take back the National Dialogue and therefore the National Direction.

Daily Kos: 50 states, 50 questions:

Here's what he's started with... If you think of any good ones, add them in the comments section. I'm going to think hard about this myself and I've vowed to come up with at least 5 good additions myself. If he we all hit 50 really good winners, I'll spend a day and turn it into a great flyer/poster/handout as well as a really good website. I've edited one question for him simply because he named the wrong Govt. Program (in italics).

"I do not believe in amnesty for illegal aliens."

I am with you that breaking the law to enter the country should not be rewarded and I appreciate your stance. Do you also support real penalties on the companies who hire these people knowing they are undocumented and who profit from paying low wages and little or no taxes. Would you support a law that fined employers caught with undocumented workers the equivalent of the CEO's salary for every undocumented worker found?

"I support our troops!"

Thank you for supporting our soldiers with your words. I hope you will do more than that. Would you support de-linking service members health insurance from Medicaid so they can receive adequate health care? I think it is wrong that medical insurances payments for the families of soldiers is limited to what the Government pays for indigent people. Soldiers work hard and they should have the same medical care that reflects that. Would you support a bill that has TRICARE payments be that same as those for Congress?

"I support our troops!"

Thank you for your support of the men and women in uniform. Since you do support them, would you support equal retirement benefits for them so they can receive the same TSP matching that other Federal employees receive? Congress has already authorized it but never funded it. Would you fund it?

"We have to have the ability to target terrorists. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about from the NSA."

I absolutely agree and I have nothing to hide. I respect your stance and I think more should follow you. Since we agree that people with nothing to hide have nothing to fear, would you support a national gun registration program? It would not limit in any way my ability to own a gun and since I am not planning to commit a crime, I have nothing to hide or fear. That way if I ever got stopped I could say, "check me out, I'm Registered!"

"I am concerned about the health of our elderly population."

Thank you for your support of elder care. I hope this means you will support a repeal of the law that prevents the government from negotiating for lower drug costs. Would you support a bill that requires the government to negotiate for the best prices on drugs in this country?

"Social Security is important and must be protected."

Thank you for your support of Social Security. I sleep well knowing that my hard work will be rewarded. Would you support an extension of FICA to put a one half of one percent tax on compensation exceeding $1,000,000. I don't think it is a lot to ask of people who have been fortunate enough that they will never depend on Social Security to help those who will.

"I am Pro Life!"

Thank you for your support of the unborn. Would you support 100% federal funding of nutritional health and well baby medical care so we can bring our infant mortality rate up from the worst in the industrial world? Would you support 100% federal funding of preventative care until age 6 so we can reduce our long term medical care costs? Would you support 100% federal funding of teen sex education so that every young adult would know the consequences of unprotected sex?

I cant think of any more for now but there are so many issues that Republicans have gotten away with talking one thing and doing another. We have to have a POLICY for every issue. We have to stand for something, not just be against something. We can take every one of their issues and make them reject a reasonable idea. If the press wont ask the questions, we have to. If our candidates wont stake a position, we have to guide them to one. People are begging for real leadership. They are begging for someone to stop the partisan bickering and implement good policy that helps make life better. I am anti immigration because it breaks the law, not because I hate immigrants. I am a gun owner and I am for gun registration because I don't want thugs having guns, not because I hate hunters. I hate abortions because they are necessary, not because they occur.

I have no doubt that we can build a list of 50 questions. After that, we have to actively ask the questions. Veterans should challenge "I support the troops." Elderly people should challenge Social Security and drug statements. Immigrants on immigration, etc. Make them look someone in the eye and choose to a) lie or b) anger their "base" or c) see the error of their ways. Personally, I bet they will go with A!

This just made my night! Ah... At last. Some justice in the world! Actual phone call, have a listen. Shame there was no video to go with it.


BBC NEWS | Technology | Web inventor warns of 'dark' net

More on Net Neutrality and what the fight surrounding it are all about HERE.


Personal Data of 26.5 Million Veterans Stolen Shit!

How many more ways can these Pricks find to screw Veterans?

What's Nedrenaline you ask... Watch this and see who all the fuss is about.

For those of you wondering why you haven't yet heard of him... Because you're victims of a "Media" that doesn't want you to know about Ned. Ned scares the hell out of them because he represents the end of their Beltway lobbying and cocktail party power-brokering.

People, this guy is the spark that just touched off a brushfire! You want your country back? You want these criminals out of office and/or thoroughly neutered so they can't continue to fuck over our Great Nation? Then do anything and everything you can to help Ned show the "republican-lite" Democrats that they're jig is up and "We The People" are taking our Democracy back.

So go help out! Send emails out and make sure all your friends know about him. Introduce Ned to the whole Nation. Most importanly, go HERE and give him some money. Give him A LOT of money. Give him so much you have to go without something as a result of the sacrifice you've made towards saving our democracy.

While you're in a giving mood, feel free to click on my PayPal Donate button on top of the music video I've provided for you enjoyment. I'm broke and spending so much time trying to keep a good online video magazine going is more expensive than I thought. But if you don't have extra... Give it all to Ned!

My favorite of his campaign ads...

He aint the underdog no more. In fact, I give it less than thirty days before Joe Lieberman either declares he's now and Independant or flat out switches to Republican. Neither of which would surprise me since he's never been a real Democrat.


Ned's Website

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Chimpy McFlightsuit has deciderized that guest-blogging on a popular librul site would be a groovy way to address many of the issues under attack by the pinko-leftisphere

June Revolution!: A Message from George W. Bush

I came across this video and it got me thinking...

Some of you may know the old saying, "Only Nixon could go to China". The premise of that statement is that since Nixon spent so many years as an avowed anti-communist... So many years fighting the evil "Reds", that his credentials were ironclad and there was no way he would be too "soft" on those damn commies. Leaving aside the fact that the entire purpose of the trip was to draw attention away from the Vietnam war and the scandals that were starting to smother his administration seemed to be irrelevant to the press at the time though.

Perhaps the same premise applies here however. I'm a 34 year old, heterosexual male. I have no close relatives that are gay. Hell I don't even know of any cousins or second cousins that are gay. I have a few friends here and there who are gay but other than that I haven't been around the culture much, short of growing up near San Francisco. So when I sit back and ponder this, I have difficulty understanding why it seems the rest of the American male 'hetero community' (if there is such a thing) seems to harbor so much fear and loathing for the gay community. Forgetting the natural cowardice of the Reich-wing American Taliban (Fundamental Christianity), why is it that so many people fear homosexuality to such a degree?

Since according to Soul-less O'Brien, Jay Leno mocks everyone equally and it's all in good fun, I started to wonder... Would it have been ok for Leno to say that white people should watch their wallets when they're in a Church's chicken in Watts? How would that have been any different from implying in a "joke" that with gay people you have to watch out behind you because they might try and sneak up and have anal sex with you. Some will probably say that's a stretch but I see no difference.

I have to give a little bit of respect to Jay Leno on this one because according to the video, Leno spent half an hour on the phone with this gentleman discussing and/or debating the issue. It doesn't sound like he felt it was wrong of him to say it but I give him respect for at least having the sack to talk it out.

Now as a fan of Carlos Mencia, it may seem strange that I'm singling out Jay Leno and this video but absent from Mencia's humor is the rampant hypocrisy I find in the jokes addressed here. Jay Leno is just a symptom of the greater problem however. Namely that the gay community is now, and has been for some time, the new "uppity niggras" in American culture. They're the easiest target for derision and dark humor and the object of the vast majority of government sponsored discrimination.

I'll have a lot more to say about this because it looks to be obvious that this election, just as last, the Rovian game plan appears to be "get out the vote" by convincing the Republican base, AKA Christian Fundamentalist wack-jobs that their very existence is in jeopardy because gay people might be given the same rights as American citizens.

Quick rally the bingo-brigade and mobilize the bible thumpers... Queers are about to storm the local Justice of the Peace demanding equal rights. God Save Us All!


[UPDATE] A quick FYI for the Americablog guests to this post, I have the full version of the new movie, Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room available on my front page if you're interested.

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Some Iraq war vets go homeless after return to US

How can we continue to be so idiotic? So utterly without justice as a country or as a society? Where has our honor gone? Why have we allowed it to be sold wholesale by such blatantly evil men? And more importantly... What in the hell are WE going to do about it?

Mike has a piece over at June Revolution that everyone should read.


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Damn Democratic Talking Points!


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This is probably going to earn me a visit from some Secret Service Agents but when I read stuff like this, I want to grab George Bush by the neck, push his face to the screen and force him to repeat their names 1,000 times.

Although I can't say I was friends to any of these gentleman, I had met one of them and he seemed like a nice guy. What a waste. What a bloody waste!

Kane'ohe Bay Marines killed - The Honolulu Advertiser

Semper Fi amigos... Semper Fi.


A little more Carlos for you, fresh from Keith Olbermann's Countdown. His take on Bush's Immigration speech today is classic and spot on. Carlos has great bullshit detectors.

Props to: for getting the video out so fast.


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This just hit blog.

The Blotter

Something tells me that as this keeps getting exposed for what it is, the media will turn on Bush like hyenas on a wounded and bleeding member of their own pack.


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Mad props to I'll definitely be checking out his site more often.

Al Gore has produced and is promoting a new documentary recently released in wide distribution. I posted previously about it but here it is again for you in case you haven't heard about it yet.

You can learn a hell of a lot more at the official site HERE!

For the idiots out there who try to tell me that Al Gore is just now "jumping on the environmental issue bandwagon" [no-shit quote by a right-wing hack in a reply to me on another blog], here's a video of a Campaign Ad Al Gore ran SIX years ago! Pay attention folks. This is the part where we admit to ourselves as a Great Nation that we were wrong six years ago and start the process of rectifying our error.

And finally, THIS is a link to Al Gore's speech [Quicktime pop-up viewer] he gave in January about the Constitutionality of the NSA wire-tapping program. One more reason this guy is such a stud!

I'm going to release an Al Gore fact sheet post soon. It's time we start CORRECTLY writing modern history. Especially the history of things to come! In the meantime, if you're curious where to start looking, here's a couple of good sites.


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Below is an article that every veteran should read. To the right is a picture of the ASSHOLE who runs this base. This shit IS happening on HIS watch! The bastard should be thrown in Ft. Leavenworth for gross incompetence and negligent homicide!

Army is Abusing Injured Soldiers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma


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Anyone remember this artice at Americablog from just three short months ago?


[UPDATE] Think Progress has This.

This is the dickhead that Bushco has tapped to be the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He's a complete hack and a lying bastard. Have a look at this video and watch it all the way through. Pay particular attention to two seperate areas of it. The part in the middle where he discusses who is "actually" doing the eavesdropping and at the end where he debates about the Fourth Amendment.

Did you catch that part where he was discussing who's actually doing the wiretapping? And I quote: "I'm trying to communicate to you that the people who are doing this [eavesdropping on your calls], go shopping at Glen Burnie and their kids play soccer in Laurel [Maryland] and They Know the Law! They know American privacy BETTER than the average American!"

And then this creepy turd goes on to say to the very next questioner who asks him if this new policy takes the decision OUT of the hands of the Judiciary Branch of Government and puts it into the hands of a SHIFT SUPERVISOR at NSA?

"That's correct!" he says. "The people who make that judgement, that decision... [whom to wiretap] There are only a handful of people at the NSA who can make that decision. They're ALL Senior Executives... And in professional terms, they're the people who know more about this than anyone else!"

What The Fuck?

So let me get this straight... We shouldn't worry as American Citizens that our Government is tapping our phones and reading our emails because the people who are actually doing the listening shop at similar stores and have kids that play soccer with other children in the suburban Maryland area? But, those people answer to an unknown "small handfull" of bosses who are ordering them who to tap and who to spy on. Said batch of Nazi assholes having been elected by NO ONE. Receiving oversight from God, Allah or Buddha knows who... If at all?

What about the end of the video where he gets challenged on the foundation of law that protects our INALIENABLE Rights as American Citizens that says, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon PROBABLE CAUSE, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." - Straight from the Fourth Amendment

This asshole actually has the nerve to thump his chest and boast about being someone who KNOWS The Constitution better than MOST people! I hear this bald-headed, beady-eyed, turd-blossom look-alike is actually the pick of Darth Cheney and his sith apprentice; John Negroponte, and that Bush just rubber-stamped their choice. What a leader...

If this asshole winds up running the CIA, kiss any chance of a free and open Democracy in America goodbye. Any Democratic Congressman or Senator who doesn't fight tooth and nail against this douchebag doesn't deserve to call themselves a Democrat! They'll be a willing enabler of the tyranny of Evil Men!

Hat Tip to Dave Edwards for the video. Make sure to check out his site here. It's a font of valuable news information and a fantastic web resource!


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Carlos Mencia - Few people shoot ya as straight as Carlos

45 Minute Comedy Routine

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And a huge helping of his own Bullshit was force-fed back to him with a shovel. His goons quickly moved to illegally stifle this guys questions and remove him from the premises and to his credit, until Rumsfeld realized people would see him as the Nazi he is if he didn't stop it. The fact that they even thought it was kosher to remove an American Citizen who was not threatening, not disruptive, asked honest questions and broke no rules or laws says volumes about these pricks and their jack-booted goon mentality! Here's the video:

Blog owners, click on the video player "menu" button, then click "embed" and copy the code it gives you to paste into the html editor of your own blog. If it gives you an html error, check the box that says, "ignore error and publish anyway" and it will work fine. Just like that you're re-streaming the video through your own site. Let's get this one out far and wide folks! Patriots need empowering...


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Aloha everyone. I'm back from my marathon trip. Sorry I didn't have much of a chance to post anything while travelling. I'm gearing up to help fight for Net Neutrality, something I'll be posting about a lot in the near future. In the meantime, here's a great video explaining what this fight is about. Study up and learn this folks... This fight is the Good Fight, and I for one am down for it.


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Aloha Everyone,

I'm travelling right now and I've heard that this video has been uploaded to YouTube and to a few other sites but was quickly deleted. So here it is for your enjoyment and I say Fuck Em' if they can't take a joke!


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