Congressman John Doolittle - All Star in the Corruption Hall of Shame

Y'all just knew this one had to bring me back... In honor of California's dirtiest politician (and my rusty blogging skills) I thought I'd keep my post short and sweet. Sort of an homage to the best-of-the-best of John Doolittle's sleaziness.

As I'm sure most of you know, Congressman John Doolittle is the toad in the pot of water who's finally realizing that someone's been turning up the heat on the stove. It turns out that immediately after his former associate and former aide to Jack Abramoff, Kevin Ring abruptly resigned from his lobbying law firm on Friday... John Doolittle and his equally corrupt wife, Julie Doolittle's Virginia home was raided by the FBI.
UPDATE: John Doolittle has resigned his position as Ranking Minority member of the uber-powerful House Appropriations Committee. Of course he terms it "temporarily stepping down" to Boehner but figure the odds of him coming back into that powerful position ever again.
In the next few days this site will get a bunch of traffic from people Google searching for Congressman John Doolittle so I thought I'd make it easy for any of you that want to know all about him and the American Hero who nearly pulled off the impossible by defeating him in the last election, Charlie Brown. Let me provide you a short tour and introduce you to the criminal you folks Googled to get here. A sort of Virtual Walk of Shame through Congressman John Doolittle's low-lights. Let's start with my favorite (mostly cuz I made it) shall we?

John Doolittle supporting forced abortions and sex slavery
Be sure and visit the site it mentions to learn more about this bum.

Who could possibly forget John Doolittle's shameless humiliation at Charlie's hands during the one; closed-forum debate the cowardly Doolittle would agree to. (The first video is a must see compilation that shows John Doolittle for the little weasel he is) the rest of the videos are the entire debate broken into thirteen parts by a patient and patriotic CA-04th constituent.

And then there was the ad that asked the oh-so-relevant question in the news today...

Or how about when the draft-dodging John Doolittle tried to attack the patriotism of his combat-decorated veteran opponent while Charlie Brown's own son was departing on his fourth tour of duty in Iraq

Have you had enough of Congressman John Doolittle yet?

Then let's meet the BlueAmerican Hero who challenged John Doolittle (and came so close to kicking his whiny ass all over this blood-red district)

And in case you're wondering... Charlie's "Back in the Fight" again!

If you really want to know what kind of person Charlie Brown is (in case the decorated, patriotic, heroic life of service to our country didn't tip you off), then watch as he sits down at a kitchen table at 10pm on the Saturday night before the election, sparing some time from his family and friends, while his daughter (home for the week from college), his son (home visiting prior to departing for his fourth tour as a med-evac pilot in Iraq) his lovely wife Jan and Major Paul Hackett of Ohio sat and talked story by the fire in the next room, gave an audience for a video blog interview to yours truly. I remember the night well, not just because of the company but also because it was my birthday. Sorry for sucking so bad as an interviewer.

Charlie Brown is back and ready to step up and represent this great district. Doolittle is going down and down hard. Charlie is a hero and needs your help now. Go show a patriot your support for true leadership and character. BlueAmerica08!

And if you can spare a little more, help out at my PayPal button at the top right of this page. Help me make rent this month (which I don't have) and I'll get back all over John Doolittle's ass. I'll also help remind everyone who Charlie Brown is and what he's made of so we can raise him some money for the special election after Doolittle's inevitable Indictment or Resignation... Or hopefully both!


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